Mediation – what’s involved?


Anna Beggan, Partner and Head of the Employment Team at Tughans is an accredited Mediator, having been assessed through a Workplace Mediation Skills Programme in accordance with the standards required for a certified member of the Mediators Institute of Ireland.

Anna has acquired substantial experience and expertise over a number of years in advising employers on all aspects of the employer/employee relationship and is well aware of the types of disputes that can arise between individuals in the work place.

Mediation is increasingly seen as a means of early dispute resolution in which parties are encouraged to take responsibility for resolving their own issues as opposed to decisions being made for them by a third party. It is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) wherein a Mediator, as an impartial trained facilitator, assists parties to freely negotiate their own resolution of the issues in dispute between them. Mediation is a voluntary process and can only work if the parties enter freely into it. It is important that ground rules are put in place at the outset of any mediation so that the parties are clear about the management of the process. In particular it is important that agreement is in place that the mediation process is confidential and that there is agreement on what information, if any, about the mediation is to be relayed, passed on or reported to any third party.

Employers have noted many benefits of mediation and statistics show a compelling argument for the use of mediation in resolving disputes.

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