Our Environment

Let’s face it – we use a lot of paper and we travel quite a bit. Not just as much as a few years ago, but still quite a lot. We want to change that so we’ve started a new digital filing system and developed an online client collaboration tool. Both initiatives are indicative of our sustainability point of view: don’t just reduce waste for the sake of it – build better business methods that result in lower environmental impact. It’s a philosophy that has seen us rewarded with lower energy bills, a more streamlined client liaison process and an ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certificate.

Energy Management

We regularly monitor energy usage and encourage staff to reduce consumption, and have a ‘switch-off’ policy for electrical equipment when not in use.

We use energy efficient lighting where possible and purchase energy efficient equipment when replacements are required.

Waste and Recycling

We have a number of initiatives underway to ensure that we recycle as much waste as possible. Confidential waste is shredded and then recycled.

Paper used within our printers and copiers is all either recycled or from sustainable sources, and printer cartridges are returned to suppliers for refilling and recycling.

We use of double sided copying and printing as default on capable printers

We currently recycle:


We have encouraged cycling as a mode of transport to work by participation in the government Cycle to Work scheme and the provision of additional bicycle storage facilities.

We encourage use of public transport and car sharing where business travel is unavoidable.

Through our environmental management systems we have achieved ISO 14001- Environmental Management Certification.


A copy of our Environmental Policy is available on request.