International Women’s Day – Celebrating Women in Law Pt 2

International Women’s Day has taken place annually for well over a century and this year the central theme is ‘Choose to Challenge’.

Tughans is marking the occasion by inviting our female lawyers to share their thoughts and experience and to celebrate women in law. Our contributors represent women at all stages of their legal career, from Trainee to Partner.

Part 2  is from Orla Drayne. Orla is a newly qualified solicitor and a member of the Corporate Team


Challenge Women to believe in themselves

I choose to challenge women to believe in themselves. Every day I am inspired by women around me – my mum, sister, cousins, friends, and colleagues. In my time working and training as a solicitor at Tughans, I have learnt from and witnessed many incredible women succeeding in the workplace. These women have shown me how you can be smart, hardworking, kind, caring and fun and do a great job.

While not all women lack confidence in themselves and their ability to achieve their goals, many do. I have many friends and colleagues in their mid-20s who are all incredibly accomplished and talented women who struggle with imposter syndrome – they don’t believe they are as competent as others or deserve to be where they are.

I believe women need to be reminded that they do deserve to be where they are, to have the confidence and belief in themselves that they can succeed in anything they put their minds to. Whilst working in Tughans, I have only ever been shown kindness and received guidance from women at all levels, especially since qualifying into a team alongside two supportive female associate solicitors. As women we need to support each other and lift each other up. In all walks of life we are sometimes shy of shouting about our successes – doing well and achieving our goals isn’t something we should be quiet about.

On International Women’s Day 2021, I challenge women to have the confidence to work towards and achieve anything they want in life, to always believe in themselves, to celebrate and shout about their own achievements and successes and those of other women around them. Thank you to all my colleagues in Tughans for providing guidance, support and friendship every day.

Orla Drayne, NQ Solicitor, Corporate Team


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International Women’s Day – Celebrating Women in Law Pt 2

March 9, 2021

10:32 am