Corporate and M&A

While company law in the United Kingdom (implemented through the Companies Act 2006 and secondary legislation) incorporates substantive EU company law as set out in EU directives, Brexit is not expected to trigger significant changes to general UK company law in the near future.

To date, some limited and largely technical amendments to UK company law have been introduced (to take effect from “exit day”) in anticipation of Brexit, including changes to Companies House reporting requirements for EEA companies and the revocation of the Companies (Cross-Border Mergers) Regulations 2007.

Our corporate team is continually monitoring the impact of Brexit on UK company law in order to provide our clients with appropriate and up to date advice. While those provisions of the Companies Act 2006 which deal with mergers and acquisitions are unlikely to be affected by Brexit to any great extent (if at all), it is accepted that the broader economic implications of Brexit (whatever form it may take) will present many challenges for the mergers and acquisitions market.

Our corporate team advises clients across all business sectors in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and Great Britain.  We understand that our clients are concerned about the impact of Brexit on the future growth and development of their businesses, be that through mergers and acquisitions, investment or borrowing. We have an unrivalled understanding of the trends in the Northern Irish marketplace and the challenges facing purchasers, funders and lenders, so we are alive not only to the challenges faced by our clients and the markets in which they operate, but also to the opportunities available to them.

If you or your business have any questions on the potential implications of Brexit in relation to corporate and M&A, please feel free to get in touch.