We recognise that these are challenging times for our clients, and we will regularly provide advice and updates on how to deal with the coronavirus crisis. Use the links below to take you to the most recent articles from our team on the legal, regulatory and commercial implications of the current disruption.

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Legal Insights

Covid 19: Will your business interruption insurance apply?

Ellen Forester

From 29 February 2020 Covid-19 has been listed as a notifiable disease in Northern Ireland. Since then, the severe impact of Covid-19 has been felt by businesses across Northern Ireland as they deal with the government and public health guidelines, most notably in the hospitality, retail and tourism sectors. Following a press conference on 16... ...

Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS)

Douglas Anderson

The UK Chancellor has set out a package of temporary, targeted measures to support businesses through the disruption caused by COVID-19.  Businesses of all sizes will have access to a package of Government-backed loans and guarantees, with further capacity should it be required....

Covid-19 – considerations for tenants

Aaron Mulholland

In response to the Covid-19 epidemic Finance Minister Conor Murphy has announced that all businesses in Northern Ireland will pay zero rates in the next three months and the issuing of rates bills has been deferred from April until June. The Minister has acknowledged, however, that in current circumstances rates relief alone will not sustain... ...

Who carries the risk of the impact of Covid-19 on construction projects?

Tim Kinney

Unfortunately, it’s becoming clear that the Covid-19 outbreak will adversely affect the execution and completion of construction projects in Northern Ireland. Disruption is already being experienced in obtaining the delivery of goods and materials, as well as on the availability of the workforce currently engaged by contractors. The extent and duration of these impacts is... ...

Liquor licences – a word of comfort

Joe Moore

The temporary closure of premises in the hospitality industry is already well documented.  Many more will be considering a temporary shutdown or restricted trading hours.   Among the myriad considerations for such businesses will be the impact of the closure on what is a valuable and core asset – the liquor licence.  Liquor licences trade... ...

Conducting ‘business as usual’ during COVID-19

Aimee Craig

With the increasing spread of COVID-19, many businesses will be alive to statements such as that released by Stormont that we simply cannot operate ‘business as usual’ in this unprecedented time. Whilst it is inevitable that most businesses will face disruption in some form, be that as a result of limited face-to-face interactions or employees... ...

Force majeure: superior force -v- contractual requirements

Paul Eastwood

While the purchase orders for toilet rolls, pasta and paracetamol are undoubtedly flowing freely, the performance of countless goods and services contracts are being heavily impacted by the ever-changing situation caused by Covid-19. Government shutdowns, closure of hospitality venues, staff unavailability and an almost across-the-board movement to “WFH” have meant that demand... ...

Working from Home

Rachel Richardson

It is usually the case that requests to work from home come from the employee to the employer and not the other way around.  However, in these unusual circumstances, in light of the current coronavirus panedemic and as a result of recent guidance from the government on home working, it is becoming a reality that... ...

Preparing for Coronavirus – what are your legal obligations as an employer?

Jack Balmer

Tughans’ employment team are currently advising clients on their legal obligations as employers arising from the evolving Covid-19 (“Coronavirus”) outbreak, as the number of confirmed cases in Northern Ireland increase and both the UK government and Assembly escalate preventative measures. The following advice note is provided as guidance only. You should take specific advice on... ...